Cable faults are caused by many factors, physical damage, workmanship and sometimes manufacturing faults.


The three most likely type of electrical faults would be :-


Short circuit, phase to earth or phase to phase.

Open circuit, the cable may have burnt off or been chopped off and voltage is not present at the far end.

High resistant faults, generally found on the higher voltage cables and require a high voltage pulse to break them down.


TEST LINE is able to find all these types of faults, using the Surge Generator combined with the Scope to pre-locate and calculate the actual distance to the fault and then by acoustic measurement, Pin-point its position.


We also use the A-Frame frequency method for locating faults that are faulted to the general mass of the earth.


Our predominant range for cable fault location is from 240Volt to 33kV, but we can also perform locations on data and fibre optic cables.











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